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Whiskers & Co Rescue is a not-for-profit team of volunteers aiming to rescue suffering and unloved cats in Sydney, rehabilitate them, and find their loving forever homes.

Help Raise Funds for Whiskers & Co Rescue! 

WA Cellars is kindly helping Whiskers & Co Rescue raise funds for our beloved cats in need.  A portion of bottle sold from Whiskers & Co Rescue Wine Fundraising will be donated to our cause. Just in time for the festivities ahead. We thank you for the support! 

Cats for Adoption

These adorable cats and kittens need your love and care. We promise they'll pay you back in head bumps and purrs and all the love their tiny but mighty hearts can give.


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tabby delight

Stories that move us! 


One of our volunteers has been seeing Marjorie around, she'd come and eat from her balcony sometimes... but then she noticed Marjorie was getting a bit thicker and she knew straight away: Marjorie was pregnant! Our volunteer started feeding Marjorie regularly so she could win her trust and manage to move her indoors to have her babies in a safe and comfortable environment. 

How lucky of her, Marjorie gave birth only a few days after moving into our foster carer's home!  Although labour wasn't easy and Marjorie looked a bit unsure on what to do at first, she has got the hang of it pretty quickly and is now being a super mom to her 5 little kittens 😻

The ginger baby, Ringo (shown in the second photo) had an infection in his umbilical cord which has been cared for with antibiotics and is now treating an eye ulcer, so small and already had to visit the vet twice! Our volunteer's actions were life saving for him, we are so lucky to have such wonderful people working with us! 

It turns out Marjorie is very friendly, we suspect she's been handled as a kitten but has been on the street for a long time now. She's careful and affectionate towards her foster carer. 

We hope Marjorie and kitten's future is full of care and love 🥰 If you, like us, have fallen in love and would like to meet this family, stay tuned! Meet and greets are coming up as soon as babies are older and ready to part from mom! 

UPDATE May/2024: Marjorie found her forever home! ❤️Wishing her a life full of cuddles and happiness! 

Please volunteer and donate to help us continue transforming lives! 


It is with the support of kind people like you that we can rescue abandoned, mistreated, and neglected cats.

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This has been the worst cat breeding season we've yet seen, and rescue organisations and shelters across the state and country have been inundated by calls for help to rescue helpless and suffering cats and kittens.